Pet Acupuncture

Did you know that pets can also benefit from Acupuncture like a human? If your pet suffers from arthritis, digestive issues, chronic pain, allergies, hip dysplasia, or neurological disorders, your pet may need veterinary acupuncture treatments.

Full-Service Veterinary Acupuncture

At The Melrose Vet in Los Angeles, we provide extensive rehabilitation services that include Acupuncture, massage therapy, hydrotherapy, treadmill therapy, therapeutic exercises, and laser therapy.

Also, we offer Acupuncture treatment as part of physical rehabilitation therapy program to reduce pain and inflammation and assist in rehabilitation.

Pet Acupuncture can help manage a variety of ailments, especially conditions that involve pain and inflammation, such as osteoarthritis and intervertebral disk disease.

vet acupuncture
How Many Acupuncture Sessions Will Your Pet Need?

At The Melrose Vet, our acupuncture treatment session may remain between 30 and 60 minutes.

Your pet treatments depend on which disease process and the disease being treated; typically, four to six sessions and the frequency of treatments depend on the pet, the condition, and the type of treatment.


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